Mando Puter LCD V2 Perfect fit
  • Mando Puter LCD V2 Perfect fit

    Hello! this is the listing for one Mando bracers LCD display for your costume!

    Perfect fit with Beskar gauntlet (Great Ape Stl files printed at 100%)

    NO BATTERY INCLUDED. you have to buy a Lipo 3.7v battery with JST connector. This is what I used:


    Please be careful when you plug your lipo battery. not every battery resellers ship batteries with the same cable orientation. Check your orientation before plug it in.

    V2: Reverse polarity protection added. if you have reverse cables in your battery, the device simply won't turn on. Switch the cables of your battery to fix this.

    Updated TV series sequence of words as shown in the series.
    Can customize letters / colors

      € 85,00Price